Peluang Perniagaan Ke Vietnam?

Lynn Tr from GEW Vietnam (a team with over 200 members on facebook alone) recently sent us a list of entrepreneurs who have expressed interest in entering the Vietnam market or partnering with Vietnames. See her examples here:-
  1. Nicholas Chan - CEO- Azione Capital / azionecapital.com. His company is a seed and early stage investor and business incubator for startups in Asia. They are looking to invest in passionate, cutting edge entrepreneurs with ideas that will radically change the way we work, live and play for the better. If you have any business ideas and you believe that it will lead the market trend. Try to talk with Nicholas. He invest for a startup company in Ha Noi, Vietnam. He is thinking about doing some thing in Saigon. He prefers the people come to him should have a clear vision in the 10 years, clear business plan and expected to be the market leader

  2. Darius Soon - Theta Revoluntion - Reprogram your mind. Revoluntionize your life. This is a healing business that will help you to remove emotional blocks that may be preventing the body from naturally healing itself of diseases. Change behavioural patterns that are sabotaging your life. Clear limiting beliefs instantly for greater abundance, better relationships and more success in your career. Heal abuses and trauma in a safe and gentle manner.......

  3. Vincent Fond -CEO- Metaphor International Pte. He has 4 companies that sell travel tour, computer security and black-box in a car (this box used to stay in the airplane, whenever accident come, the box will record anything. So the black -box put in the car will help car-insurance company save a lot of money if they know what happen in the time of accident).

  4. Christina Wan - Owner - Mystique Gallery She offer energy healing in Aura-Soma, Colour therapy, candle healing, healing art crytal therapy, Reiki, celestial Body Works. She also a speaker for Energy healing subject. Whenever you have problem that physical doctor cann't heal, try mentall one. More details at mystiquegallery.biz

  5. Tom Abbott - President and Founder - Soho Sales Coaching - Help small business Make Big SalesHis company based in Vancouver, Canada. He offer a lot of sales training program. He can conduct international seminar. Pls check his website for more detail : sohosalescoaching.com

  6. Yeow Choon Hong - AI Films. His company make TVC, film producer. He believe to charge around US$100.000 in one comercial film. They have office in Beijing and S'pore. He expect to know more about VN market. Read more at ai-films.com

  7. Michelle Cheng - Director - Global Search Partners. This is head hunter company, they looking for senior IT guy with 4 , 5 years experience. Of course high salary and attractive remunerable package. wow, such a long list... Pls don't ask them to give you a job, they don't need staff - they looking for business partner. Hope to kick off your entrepreneurship spirit in the new year

  8. Jason Su - Cactus Farm Pte - cactusfarm.sg. He can help you to introduce your product in Singapore market with the cheapest price : 300SGD for a month. You don't have to worry about renting location or manage staff or business procedure...l et he care all. Good oppotunity to do market test if you want to bring your product overseas.
Think you have similar or other ventures and would like to partner with entrepreneurs in Vietnam or other countries? Contact us today, and we'll work on connecting you with groups like GEW team in Vietnam and dozens other countries. Or if you're from elsewhere and would like to work with entrepreneurs in Balik Pulau, contact us too! ;)

BTW, we're gearing towards Global Entrepreneurship Week again, to be launched in Malaysia on in less than three weeks from today - on 21 January 2009. Last November, Malaysia became the most active nation in the world besides the countries of organizing hosts - US & UK, having held over 400 entrepreneurial activities, participated by thousands of people in well over 50 venues throughout Malaysia. Details coming soon.

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